•    The character’s Attribute is on the low end of the human average, or worse.
••    The character’s Attribute is on the upper end of the human average.
•••    The character’s Attribute is a talent, visibly outstanding to others.
••••    The character’s Attribute is truly extraordinary.
•••••    The character’s Attribute is at the apex of human potential.


Represents a raw physical power, the sheer might of what he can achieve by muscle alone. In combat, Strength helps determine the damage a character can deal with his withering attacks, as well as how well he grapples foes.

Is grace, agility, and coordination. In combat, it determines both the accuracy of a character’s attacks and his faculty to defend against enemy attacks, as well as being used for movement that relies on swift or nimble maneuvering across terrain. It’s also used for actions that require precise control of physical motions, such as hiding from a patrolling sentry or picking a merchant prince’s pocket.

A measure of vitality. In combat, having a high Stamina rating reduces the damage of withering attacks. It’s also used to fight off poison or disease, and more generally to endure the effects of anything that might weaken or assail the body.


Represents a character’s ability to express and articulate his beliefs or commands, convincing others to see things his way or follow his orders. It’s used primarily in social influence when a character wishes to make a sincere argument that he genuinely believes in, but can also be used in combat to lead armies from the front with rallying, inspiring speeches.

Is a character’s innate talent for deception, passing off lies as the truth, or simply telling people what he knows they want to hear. It’s used primarily in social influence when a character wishes to make a false argument, whether through outright lying or more complicated verbal misdirection, as well as any argument where the character is purely trying to evoke a desired response rather than to express his own feelings or outlook. It also represents a character’s ability to remain composed and not reveal his true feelings, contributing to his Guile rating.

A measure of a character’s striking looks and his ability to use them. It is used when a character wishes to influence others through looks, beauty, overwhelming presence, or first impressions rather than reasoned debate or emotional manipulation.


Both the raw quality of a character’s senses and his faculty for comprehending what he perceives. It is used for noticing details.

Measures a character’s ability to think logically and rationally. It covers analytical thinking, drawing connections between disparate pieces of information, recalling pieces of knowledge or useful memories at opportune moments, and making judgments based on rigid logic. It is the province of strategoi, sorcerers, and savants.

A character’s intuition, common sense, and ability to react quickly to new circumstances or while under fire. In combat, Wits is used for the Join Battle roll that determines a character’s starting Initiative, and it also factors into a character’s capacity to remain unmoved by persuasion that goes against his intuitive understanding of the world, contributing to his Resolve rating.


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