Gods Amongst Men

Game Notes 2017.05.06

Talis Email Interview

Bon: “Who or what killed our previous lives?”

Talis: “The Dragon-Blooded were the spear that was used to kill you and the rest of your kind. Who the one or ones that thrust the spear was not known by the ones that created me.”

Bon: “Who was our nemesis?”

Talis: “Such a short question that no length of answer may truly satisfy. I will answer briefly until more pressing issues are resolved. Exalted were initially made by the gods to defeat the Primordials that created the gods. The Primordials had a habit of nearly destroying Creation and leaving it to the gods to clean up. The gods could not attack their creators but they​could create ones that could. You were given Exaltation to unseat the Primordials, which you did, then the Solars were tasked with ruling and caring for Creation. Your rule was ended by the revolt of the Dragon-Blooded.”

Bon: “Are there other fortresses like this?”

Talis: “There may be. The idea of creating a safe haven was not unique but to give any one sanctuary a chance at success those that acted on the idea did so without contacting anyone else so that one being found would not lead to others.”

Bon: “Are there artifacts here, or weapons, we could use/take?”

Talis: “There is an armor storage, weapon storage, crafting room and tools, even a sorcery focus chamber. However in my current state I cannot activate any of their functions and cannot provide an inventory.”

Lujan: "Are there any histories?"

Talis: "There maybe some personal journals of the Solar that spent time here during my creation and the fortress's configuration.  What subjects or insights they provide and their condition I cannot say. I however have access to significant portions of their knowledge. If you have specific questions or are just curious we can talk. As much as you are ignorant of the time the Solar's ruled is likely equal to how ignorant I am of this time. We would likely have much to teach each other."

Lujan: "Are there any messages left by the builders for those who would come later?"

Talis: "You are not alone. You do not have to fight these battles by yourself. Show that the Unconquered Sun is worthy of devotion. Exalted are an expression of power by the god that is the seed of your Exaltation. The Immaculate Order which seeks to control men and women from birth to life to death, and even their rebirth is as much a yoke on the gods as it is on the people. By exerting control on what gods receive devotion, when they receive it, and for how long, the Immaculate Order weakens everyone but themselves. The more people that give devotion to the Unconquered Sun because of the works and feats that you do the strong he becomes and stronger you become."

Lujan: "Exactly how long has it been since our type has been here?"

Talis: "No one has been here in almost a millennium."

Lujan: "Have others been here since this place was complete? If so, when and what happened to them?"

Talis: "No one has been here since construction finished. No one has left since construction finished. The effort of creating this fortress and creating me cost this particular circle their lives."

End of current email discussion.


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