Gods Amongst Men

Game Notes 2017.04.21

Present: Ban, Lujan, Jalthyn, Amelia
Our group starts the night in the mercenary camp, after we had slaughtered all the men we could find in their sleep. Interrogating the captain of the camp, we learn The Black Hand had a scheme to dress up as Fair Folk and attack the small village, and then charge them for protection against said Fair Folk.
While we talk to the captain of the mercenaries, Lujan goes about freeing the slaves and Ban starts looking for valuables.

When we’re done interrogating him, we take him outside to the camp’s watch fire. Jalthyn starts chanting and uses his abilities to bring the fire down to nothing, performing some nonsensical ritual before telling the captain that he has been cursed and doom will follow should he return to these parts, and that he should not stop moving in his flight from this area for 100 leagues.
Amid the camp’s belongings we find 4 slaves, a few horses, couple carts, basic arms, armor, and plenty of rations (2 weeks of rations for 6 people).
We decide to depart immediately to head back to the village, taking the cart and horses and rations along. Within a couple hours we find the other slaves we had left on the road. Picking them up along with the slavers carts, we then head back to the village where we roll in to confront the two remaining mercenaries.
We murdered them good.
Neha comes out along with other townsfolk and is briefly concerned by the two dead bodies before being distracted with elation at seeing her returned husband. We explain that they’ve been getting conned by the Black Hand and that they have no more to worry about. After some rest and food, we head back out on the road with our additional cart and horses.
Iceholme is about a week’s journey away when we depart. We are very successful at catching game along the route and reach Iceholme with 10 days worth of rations remaining. We stay at various towns without event along the way, each town a little bigger and better equipped the closer we get to Iceholme.
As we enter the city we are stopped by guards to inspect our cart, but this goes without event. Amelia leads them to the Queen’s Star Hotel where they are well received and provided with nice rooms, baths, fresh clothing and given a good meal. Lujan, Jalthyn, and Amelia watch an opera at or nearby the hotel while Ban decides to take a stroll around town.
While Ban is out on the town, with the catbear in toe, he wanders into a gambling establishment to chat up some locals. He hears about the Wyld Hunt harassing various towns in the area, burning and chasing people out for harboring potential Exalts. There are towns in the north getting raided by barbarians.
The next day, our group procures everything we need for our journey including transport across the river for the next day upon the Sea Crosser with Captain Anders who tells us it will be a 3 day journey.
After three days of travel across the sea and river, we are deposited on the shore near Diamond Hearth and continued our journey on horseback and by sled northeast through the wilderness. Once entering a forest a couple weeks into the journey, we all notice the temperature rise. The forest here seems more alive than elsewhere in the north, with deciduous trees still bearing green leaves and abundant vegetation in comparison to the snow laden forests we’d passed before.
Upon traveling through the forest we emerge in a large, grassy clearing. At the far side of the clearing, at the base of the cliff that lines it, there are two statues standing on either side of a large door, one male and one female, both clad in armor. Neither man nor catbear detect any signs of humans having been in the area and no one picks up signs of fair folk or spirits nearby.


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