Gods Amongst Men

Game Notes 2017.03.24

Deep Thoughts by He'stan

The group has found an inn for the evening. The Obsidian Luxury Inn. The gates have been closed for the night impending the raid, a common occurrence in the farming community. The Inn isn’t bad but I’ve stayed in nicer establishments. Amelia has the innkeeper fooled so tonight won’t cost much. I will say, after Amelia talked to the innkeeper we have had excellent service. Why is it Jalthyn wandering around trying to instigate conversation when we should be trying to keep our heads down? The bard is somewhat entertaining.

The guards here don’t seem to have any specific idea what the gate incident was about. A table near us wears a sigil from The Blessed Isle however not a very prominent house there. The Scarlet Empress hasn’t been seen in public in quite some time but her decrees continue from the other powerful representatives. Audiences with her are becoming harder to obtain. That families with red tape that started about two years ago. The guards have had to arrest a few outsiders as well which is unusual around here. The order came from either the Mayor or the Captain of the Guards. My siblings have lived interesting lives.

More guards have arrived, two appear on door duty. The innkeeper is pointing out groups of outsiders. The other two guards approach a table of six and arrest them. It may be worth retiring for the evening. All seems quiet outside overnight.

I get up early the next morning and take advantage of the cooks’ undivided attention. Little brother needs to keep his hands off my food. Some guards are eating nearby while two more appear to be waiting for something, which seems suspicious to me.

The Quoll-Lion (catbearpig, or CBP for short) alerts Amelia of guard activity outside and she heads back upstairs to get ready to leave. Savannah has a bad feeling something is about to happen. Lujan is chatting with the barkeep. With all the suspicious activity and on edge feeling we’ve all decided it’s best for us to make our way to the nearest exit in smaller groups  and get out of town.

Amelia and I head out. We get stopped so they may be looking for us/the people that set off the entry gate yesterday but we are able to talk our way out of it. That guard didn’t know what hit him with Amelia charming him…I didn’t even have to use my hammer! I have no idea how the rest of my siblings will get out but hopefully it will be equally as easy for them.

Once Jalthyn catches up to us he tells me how he got out but there is no way anyone else would ever believe him if he told them what he told me! At some point before we got outside the town gate, Bon slipped into my wagon! Savannah and Lujan manage to get out and even brought Jalthyn’s horse with them. Even though the guards stopped, searched them and then were going to hold them for questioning, the guard that was to take them to the barracks was a doofus so they were easily able to give him the slip and join us outside the town walls. The gate guards don’t even notice as the six of us continue our travel north away from the town. The gate we used to exit does not react as the entry gate had.

End Scene


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