Gods Amongst Men

Game Notes 2017.03.10

Character development/notes:

Bon (Eric) – Dawn
He’stan (Kevin) – Twilight
Savannah (Steph) – Night
Lujan (Walter) – Night
Amelia (Bonnie) – Eclipse
Jallthyn (John) – Twilight

(GM Note: Player caste is subject to change pending full character sheet review)

Plot development:

Beginning south of Rubylak heading north Bon encounters He’ Stan on the road. He’ Stan is working on repairing his wagon wheel. The two meet and memories flash between them of a distant past life together growing up. They were siblings in a previous life.

They choose to continue traveling north together reaching Rubylak in a couple hours. Once in town they decide to go to the local Inn, The Scarlet Renaissance, for food, drinks and a decent night’s rest before continuing their journey north.  In the morning He’stan and Bon head to the stable to head back out on the road. While in the stable they encounter a woman named Savannah and another odd appearing woman, Lujan who are also preparing to depart. The four of them have the same memories/flashbacks of their previous life together and realize all four of them were siblings. All four of them have had the pull to travel to the north since the time they exalted.

Two stable boys witness them “cast”, one of them fainted, the other ran away screaming but in the direction away from the Inn.  The 4 “siblings” agree it’s time to get moving and calmly, at a moderate pace so not to be noticed, head out of town continuing their journey to the North.

Hours later they spot two people ahead that are surrounded by six other individuals. While the two do not appear to be a “couple” they are clearly not with the other six around them. Jalthyn and Amelia are the two in the middle and are being held up for money/riches. The 4 siblings join to aid Jalthyn and Amelia. Combat commences. In the end the 6 Exalted are left standing. At this point the 6 connect and it’s now known that they all were in fact previously siblings in their past life with He’Stan being oldest followed by Lujan. Amelia and Bon are twins and the next in line with Jalthyn and Savannah as the youngest, also twins.

All six of us share the same draw to the north towards Icehome and choose to continue together. The current season is late fall/Earth season.

A few days pass after the combat and traveling north the group begins to notice extra-large farm lands like large plantations for mass production of goods for the realms. Set back in the fields guard towers are noticed as well. The guards pay no attention to the group. About dinner time the plantation workers begin heading out onto the path with the group, northward bound to what can only be assumed is the nearest town. About this time Bon kind of spaces out and receives a message from the Unconquered Sun. “Do great deeds to draw followers to you and I”.

We come to an arched gateway that has high walls that stretch about ½ mile on each side before vanishing from sight. A horn sounds from the left guard tower causing the locals on the road to pick up their pace moving quicker into the town protected by the wall. Upon inquiry of a towns person what this alarm was we learn it is to summon all within the walls due to raiders that are spotted. Due to the farm’s high productivity/volume it leaves them open to theft/attack for their goods. We continue into town with the locals. This is the town of Windy Oak. Upon entering the town each of the group spends a peripheral mote without noticing. They also do not notice that six lights have appeared in the arch in the gateway. (An exalted detector)

End Scene….


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